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Re: Is this emotional abuse?

mod7 ·
Hello MARIE, Well, since you are searching about emotional abuse I definitely recommend to look at yesIcan’s blog. In the blog there is an article that just might answer your questions on emotional abuse. The article is called, What is emotional abuse? If you ever have any questions on the topic or you would like to discuss the article please, feel free to ask or discuss and we will do the best to answer or you can also join one of our chat groups that we have available here at yesican.
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How to Have Healthy Relationships

Stephanie K ·
Being in a relationship is a great experience. At first it is easy to get along, but after the “honeymoon” stage is over, the relationship changes and it takes more work to make the relationship work. To make a relationship work, and to make sure your relationship is healthy, there are steps both you and your partner should take. When you are in a relationship, try to promote healthy habits : like respecting each other and giving each other a healthy amount of space . It is tempting to spend...
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The Power and Control Wheel

JR ·
Friends. Family. Co-Workers. Bosses. Acquaintances. And even strangers... If you have ever questioned your reality, second-guessed your thought process, or constantly doubt yourself…chances are, you may have been a victim of psychological abuse 1 . As one of the many topics when referencing the “The Duluth Model: The Power and Control Wheel”, these methods are used, when abusing, and controlling, the mind, body, and spirit of another individual. Have you felt that you have been passively...
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What IS Emotional Abuse?

AmberH ·
Emotional abuse is incredibly damaging to one's self-esteem and confidence with side effects that may last longer than physical abuse. While physical abuse may appear in dramatic outbursts or tension, emotional abuse is mainly undetectable and elusive to capture. Similarly, in both cases, neither the abuser nor victim may notice the signs. Emotional and physical abuse can occur in any type of relationship, ranging from parents and children to friendships or relationships. It is considered by...

Is this emotional abuse?

Marie ·
Hello, My partner has been withdrawn for several years now and has refused to talk to me about what is going on and has refused to go to counseling, until very recently, though it appears after about 2 months he's not going to counseling any more. He stopped being loving toward me but he still manages energy to engage with and love our 2 children. His actions include: -no longer sleeping in the same bed -not showing any interest in planning time together (ie after our second child was born...