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Hey I would be happy to be interviewed. I was in an abusive relationship for 13 year and left at the beginning of the year

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I second that @NANCY. And also I'd like to recommend an alternative to this acupuncture treatment. Aquatic therapies and hydraulic...

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Support Survivors

Sexual assault and abuse happen all too often in our society, unfortunately, with the continually butting heads of men and women alike, the core reason for these assaults and how we stop them is split. So, what can we as a people do to combat this crisis? Support our survivors.

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Hello friends! My marriage is fixed.I'm planning to take some beauty tips for my marriage. Many of my friends are doing these small tips...

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Everything apart! There is no doubt about it. Dental surgery is horrifying. Seen mom suffering from cavities and the end solution was to...

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As a person who has had many root canals, I think it is wise to take every precaution as suggested by the dentist. I have had several...