The Power and Control Wheel


Friends. Family. Co-Workers. Bosses. Acquaintances. And even strangers... If you have ever questioned your reality, second-guessed your thought process, or constantly doubt yourself…chances are, you may have been a victim of psychological abuse1.

As one of the many topics when referencing the “The Duluth Model: The Power and Control Wheel”, these methods are used, when abusing, and controlling, the mind, body, and spirit of another individual.

Have you felt that you have been passively aggressed? Treated unfairly, when you are confident you are right? Manipulated? Left to wonder what happened to your “train of thought”? If what you had said/done was practical? Logical? Legitimate? Or even realistic? If so, please take the following information into consideration, to reflect on your current relationships, and avoid prospective abusers in the future.

The Power and Control Wheel was developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs in 1987, to outline the dynamics between abuse tactics in various forms, for men and women subject to domestic violence and abuse.

As a small association in Minnesota, Duluth has developed various wheels including the Culture Wheel, Equality Wheel, and wheels involving the nurturing and abuse of children. Below is an attachment of the Power and Control Wheel, displaying the boundaries between physical, sexual, and emotional, physiological, financial abuse, (and more…) to access a professional reference, and to gain the necessary information to keep yourself and your children safe! After all, in a situation where you may think you have no voice in your circumstances, sometimes you just need a bit of proof….


The Duluth Model: The Power and Control Wheel




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