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My Easy Way to Teach Body Safety

Aimee Bequette-Chaney ·
We've been winding down our summer here, three birthday parties under the belt and one more holiday weekend to go. Since it's the end of the season I've been looking at swimwear for my kiddos (because who doesn't need to save money next year by buying close outs this year, right?), and it always make me think of the first time I heard someone talk about "body safety rules". Body Safety Rules are a set of concepts or guidelines that everyone should know, and that can be taught to children at...

Body shaming should be considered as a crime!

I_am_me ·
I'm from Toronto. I'm 21 years of age. I have a cute face, everyone used to comment, but no one has proposed me yet! Ohh no, I don't do that boyfriend thing anyway. But when I hit puberty like all other teens, I was so excited about becoming a woman. Years passed, but still, people are considering me as a kid. I realized I'm not that feminine. A woman can't survive only with a beautiful face in this society...Lol! I have good academics. I behave well. Yeah, I'm pretty much confident being...

Re: Body shaming should be considered as a crime!

Confused_bae ·
Ohh so sorry to hear about your experience. I think being feminine is ok...not being feminine is ok. Having curves is ok. Not having curves is ok too. Bashing someone for their body type is not okay!!!!! Dear gurl, what I understand from your post is, you got a good char and you realize your value. So just be yourself.You're absolutely bliss to be yourself. Just ignore that fools, let them go! I love you for, realizing the fact that you are not ready to change for others.