Bibliotherapy: How BOOKS Can Treat Anxiety, Depression?

According to different studies, reading SELF-HELP BOOKS appeared to have substantial antidepressant effects. Scientific researches on "Bibliotherapy" showed that a self-help book can actually have significant antidepressant effects in patients suffering from episodes of Major Depression.

According to aPsychology Today article titled “Depression Doing the Thinking,” “One of the most powerful actions you can take in combating depression is to understand how critical the quality of your thinking is to maintaining and even intensifying your depression—and that the quickest way to change how you feel is to change how you think.” The article goes on to explain how negative thoughts can enter one’s mind subconsciously, and therefore seem more raw or true to the depression sufferer than their own moods and feelings.

If a shift in thoughts can aid in alleviating depression, then why shouldn’t books be a part of that process? Let us know which books have helped you through tough times in the comments!

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There are Self Help Books for everybody, you should just pick the best one that really helps. It's important to research about the author, if it's a reputable author. 

My favorite Self Help book right now is: "Feeling Good" by David D. Burns, M.D. (Stanford & Harvard University)

I'm not a book reader, but I've listened to an audio book relating to the Law of Attraction. I do not remember the author, but he mentions books such as The Secret in his explanation of how thoughts actually generate 'frequencies'. Positive thoughts attract positive frequencies and negative thoughts will generate negative frequencies. When I was younger, I always thought that these self help, positive thinking guys like Tony Robbins were spewing a bunch of BS. But when I heard it explained in a scientific way like this, it changed my mind, to a degree anyway. 

Another way to combat depression, would be through poetry or lyrics, especially music. In my twenties, I often found myself battling 'undiagnosed' depression. The main thing that helped me cope was music. For me in particular, it happened to be music from the heavy metal and goth genres. But it can be any type of music or poetry that helps you cope. Music can encompass the span of emotions. Everything from fear to anger or from calmness to happiness. Find whatever helps you deal with what causing your pain.

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