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My sister has an 8-year-old child, Cathy. She is a kid who always walks with the Barbie doll. Cathy has a collection of Barbie dolls. Whenever she eats food or goes to the bed, she has the Barbie doll in her hand. Now they are planning for relocation. They are busy packing up the things. During the packing, they were planning to dispose of all the Barbie dolls. When Cathy heard about that she started crying aloud. At last, they had to promise Cathy that they will carry the Barbie dolls to the new house. They have arranged a moving container for shifting the items. But how can the behavior of Cathy be changed? It is not good to carry Barbie dolls everywhere. Please give some suggestions.

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Thank you for joining our website and for sharing your experience. It’s perfectly normal for Cathy to have those behaviors. Most children in one point in their life have been emotionally attached to a teddy bear, stuff animal, blankets, or any other toy. Children tend to find comfort and security in those objects when they begin to explore their world and more independent. This can happen in a time when childhood fears of the dark, of strangers, of dogs, and other things. It might be the case of your niece that the Barbie doll provides that comfort for her. I’m glad that they decide not to get rid of it until she feels ready or out grows it. Some steps that can make it easier for the child to let go when the time is right are:
- Set limits if possible. Tell the child that their object whichever it is can be carried around the house but not in the playground. Also, it can go in the car but not inside the store.
- Ask the child to find a special place inside the house for his object where it can be safe while they play outside.
- Keep hands busy. The child will have less time to be with their objects if they are interesting in other things such as crafts, puzzles, or building toys. 
- Crank up the comfort. Make sure you give lots of hugs so the object isn’t the only source.

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