Husband threatening me with Marriage Fraud

I met my husband online and we got married when i flew to the US to meet him as we had often discussed..we talked for almost a year before and this was something he wanted as much as i did cos we were in love. When i was there alone with him, he often was verbally abusive and even strangled me , threatened me with guns etc.. i also found out he had a prior record for molesting an underage girl. Online he was sweet and empathetic and portrayed himself to be someone he was not in real life. He often belittled me and yelled at me in public simply because i could not cook chicken how he wanted or he felt the bathroom was not clean enough. Other reasons were that i spent time with my family who only came along to see me off due to concerns over my safety. 3 Days after our marriage i left when he was at work for fear of my life. My parents helped me with this because they too had witnessed his rage and were worried he would kill me. He has made threats on the phone since i returned to my home country about how he should have murdered me while he could and that he hopes i die and if im pregnant (we had unprotected sex) the baby rots inside me.

I returned to my home country even before our marriage certificate was aprroved cos i was scared to be alone with he is threatening to report me for marriage fraud ..can he do this? i did not overstay in the us and i did not even apply for green card so how can he do this? Will the authorities simply take his side when he does have a criminal record of violent crimes including the sexual abuse of a minor. (another reason why i left) I realise i was blinded by love and acted stupidly in marrying a man i had only chat with online previously but i fled the US because i was afraid he would hurt me not because of any kind of immigration fraud. On the contrary , if i was using him for green card then would i have not stayed at least until the marriage certificate was finalised and approved? He is turning our relationship issue into some lie about me scamming him for a green card.

Also he told me repeatedly when i was in the US with him that if and when he chose to beat me or harm me (he did strange me) that i could not call the cops or seek any kind of assistance as they would lock me up in a detainment camp for not being legal. ( even though we did get our marriage certificate obtained from government office signed by a preacher) He also threatened to report me for identity fraud simply because i texted my parents his number and address where i was living with him. I did this because i wanted them to know my whereabouts in case something happened to me. He also claimed that he could file burglary charges against me simply because i took some of his items that were paid for by my parents with their credit card. Can he really file marriage fraud charges against me when i did not even apply for a green card to begin with?

The reality and truth of the matter is that i fled the US because i feared being alone with him after he tried to strangle me amongst other things but because he is angry he wants to concoct a lie about how i scammed him for a green card! Will the authorities take his side simply because he is a citizen? Please understand that i love him very much and i agreed to a divorce already but he threatened me with this marriage fraud stuff. I dont want things to get ugly but if i have to show evidence..he does have a criminal record consisting of violent crimes including injury to a child..(sexual assault of underage girl)
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I am so sorry about your experiences and what happened to you in your marriage. I am glad to hear that you acted quickly and put your safety first. Also glad to hear that your family is supporting you. Unfortunately YesIcan is not a legal resource, however there are places that you can search for to assist you. Maybe speaking to a lawyer can help with your questions in regards to your marriage. Try to seek someone who can provide you with legal advice so you can have more support. Also, there is the National Domestic Violence Hotline that might have more resources for you in your area or in their system and the Local Bar Association that might have resources with agencies that will do some cases “pro bono” for people in need. The places are mostly for information about cases.

As for more support if you so choose to, YesIcan does have a chat group that you can join if you still want to talk about your experiences or have other questions. Hope this helps.

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