Need Dental Surgery, But Scared!

I was having toothache while chewing for over a month. And I went to see my dentist recently.

After examining my mouth he took an x-ray of my teeth. The x-ray revealed the problem, it's wisdom tooth. One of my wisdom teeth is lying horizontally inside the gum. And it is touching the tooth next to it. Hence that tooth started to decay, which caused the pain.

Now when it comes to treatment, I need an oral surgery to remove the wisdom tooth. So my dentist suggested a clinic that provides oral and maxillofacial surgery in Concord. Yesterday I went to that clinic.

They examined the x-rays and said my case is a bit complicated. My tooth is inside the gums and it is stuck in between the jawbone. Hence in order to extract it, the surgeon has to cut my gums and then the tooth has to be cut from the jawbone.

For me, all these seem crazy. I'm scared now. Please let me know more about this. If anyone had any previous experience. share it with me.

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Hello friends!

My marriage is fixed.I'm planning to take some beauty tips for my marriage. Many of my friends are doing these small tips to make them more beautiful on their big day. My main problem is, I have got a small gap between the incisors. I consulted a doctor and he suggested me to do the dental bonding. Friends, my marriage is by December last. My friends suggested me about the cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga. I would like to know whether they can provide a better treatment? Will they charge high price? Does anyone have any experience?

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